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ILC are multilingual specialists who transcreate and create digital content

ILC specialises in helping digital marketing professionals to communicate across the world with impact, authenticity and local relevance. Our team of 300 bilingual copywriters cover the full spectrum of global communications, including international content writing services, content localisation, workplace communications, translation services and cross-cultural awareness training.

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We go beyond translation to deliver exciting and relevant content that resonates with your international audiences, compelling them to take actions you want them to take.
Iwona Lebiedowicz
Founder and CEO of ILC
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Over 30 years experience and Expertise on tap

Your digital, marketing or advertising agency will benefit from over 30 years’ combined experience. We are dynamic, responsive, creative and supportive of your agency in delivering the best digital content for your clients – and therefore the best results – through a complete range of multilingual communications services proven to be effective in all sectors and regions.

  • Multilingual copywriting

  • Localised social media

  • Tailored internal communications

  • Website copy

  • Local blog writing

  • Press releases

  • Brochure and flyer content

  • Technical business writing

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Meet our people

Iwona Lebiedowicz

Founder and CEO

Monika Przybyszewska

Chief Financial Officer

Andreea Belciug

Project Manager

Isabel Marsh


Fran Puddick

Digital Marketing Director

Martin Rockley

Associate Copywriter

Stuart Fraser

Associate Creative Director

Tim Sutton

Non-Executive Director and Shareholder

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We pride ourselves on hiring great talent - we are always looking for great people to join our company. If you would like to know more please contact Andreea@pabcom.co.uk


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