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Do you want to stay culturally relevant and successfully communicate with customers in a foreign language? We are multilingual copywriters dedicated to helping you, successfully communicate and engage with your chosen audiences. Having a good understanding of local and cultural differences we will provide you with international, exciting and relevant content.  When you need customer engagement and alignment with customers' beliefs and values across a variety of regions, we are your people.

Our Services at a glance

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Your existing content made local

We craft powerful content in native languages, delivering relevant and meaningful communication, so that the messages resonate well with your international audiences.

Localised Social Media

New localised content created from scratch

Our social media services include content management, accounts management and interactions with your target audience.

Tailored Internal Communications

New localised content created from scratch

We help you achieve better clarity and consistency in your internal communications, so your staff receive the same messages no matter where they are working from.

Website Copy and Blog Writing

New localised content created from scratch

Our native-speaking specialists transcreate your messages accurately to produce high-quality website copy or creative blogs, ensuring global sensitivity and carrying out essential keyword research for international search engines.

Multilingual Product Descriptions for Amazon

New localised content created from scratch

Our native-speaking copywriters have years of experience writing Amazon product descriptions across a range of sectors to boost online sales.

Press Releases

New localised content created from scratch

Your press release will be written in the style that engages your audiences and in the language they understand.

Brochure and Flyer Content

New localised content created from scratch

We transcreate collateral including brochures, postcards, presentations and signage, all reflecting cultural and language differences.

Technical Business Writing

New localised content created from scratch

Distinct from sales copy, we can translate or transcreate more technical assets including product descriptions, white papers and industry guides.

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Instead of talking to a host of different people about turning your digital content into a myriad of different languages, ilc is the one-stop shop for transcreating your digital content globally, always with local context.


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As a dedicated service for digital marketing agencies and full service advertising agencies, we go beyond translation to deliver exciting and relevant content that resonates with your international audiences, compelling them to take actions you want them to take.
Iwona Lebiedowicz
Founder and CEO of ILC
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Through a brand intensive workshop we'll listen and get clarity on who you are, who needs to know and why they should care.

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Next, we'll take everything we gathered from the workshop to form a strategic plan aligned with your objectives.


Once that’s approved, we do what we do best: Design brands and websites that look good and make you money.

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We’ll hand over the files and teach you how to use your new brand and website. Then, it’s time to celebrate on social media!

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lets start a conversation

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