27th May, 2022

With over 200,000 creative agencies in the UK, it can be difficult for marketing agencies to stand out at home, let alone across the rest of the world.

However, this is where the multicultural experts at ilc come in! With our cultural and linguistic expertise on your side, every global marketing campaign you promote will strike a chord with international audiences worldwide.

Language and culture affect how we perceive our world, so each international marketing material you create must be adapted to reach the specific demographic of your target audience.

Overcoming this challenge is key to achieving a successful cultural reception, and one proven solution lies with marketing translation!

Here are 6 ways your business can stand out locally as well as globally by using expert marketing translation:

1) Increased Global Reach

By using our expert marketing translation services, you will open your business to a broader audience and provide higher quality products and services to your global audience. This is a great way to increase sales, clients, and visibility.

2) Enhances Brand Visibility

The number of customers you reach increases your influence in the industry. This means the more languages you can translate your content into, the more your audience will feel valued. This helps build a positive image of your brand.

3) No Limitations to Growth

Marketing Translation is a cheaper way to expand your business and audience, and it also gives you opportunities worldwide and an efficient way to be at the forefront of the latest markets and trends.

4) Boosts Online Presence

In the digital world, having a multilingual website can increase the visibility of your online presence. This gives your website a higher ranking in various search engines, which can be a powerful tool to improve your SEO.

5) Credibility through Accuracy

You can rely on our professional team of translators to produce accurate translations of the highest quality. This level of accurate translation will help your company increase its credibility and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and potential legal battles.

6) Professionalism

When translating your company's products or services, consistency is crucial. Our expert multilinguists are experts in what they do, so you can rest assured that your content will not be slapped into Google Translate.  Our marketing translators are native language speakers who are up to date with trends in their local culture, while maintaining the same tone of voice throughout your content.

At ilc we offer creative companies the opportunity to provide professional and expert marketing translation services to their clients. We pride ourselves on consistently achieving the highest quality standards of translation to ensure customer satisfaction.

So get in touch with us today, and discover how your business can benefit from our fantastic marketing translation.

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