2 Jan 2022

Over £38m is available to help businesses in England grow overseas trading and strengthen international ties through the Government’s Internationalisation Fund.

What is the Internationalisation Fund?

It’s a new programme for businesses to draw down match-funded grants of up £9,000 to support overseas growth and develop capacity in new markets, including a range of global marketing services - could either you or one of your clients benefit?

What can businesses spend the funding on?

The Internationalisation Fund is open to SMEs across England that have the potential to grow their international sales and can be used to support a range of activities, including:

- Translation services and cultural advice

- International marketing, including social media and SEO support

- Market research

- IP advice

- Due diligence

- Attending trade fairs

- Independent market visits

Who is eligible for support through the Internationalisation Fund?

The grants are available to SMEs in England that fit the following criteria:

• Already exporting and want to expand into new markets, or find a better way of trading in an existing market

• Are launching a new product

• Established SMEs that are new to exporting**

• +£500k turnover or with growth potential.

If we can help you, or your client understand how to access and make the most of this funding for your international marketing activity, please do get in touch.

*Eligible projects need a minimum value of £2000 and a maximum £18,000 and up to 50% grant funding is available.

**Start-ups are not eligible for the Internationalisation Fund.

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