7th October 2021

At ILC, we’re proud of our track record of providing amazing multilingual marketing and translation services to agencies across the UK.

We're committed to building great relationships with our partner agencies through collaboration, learning and a dedication to great quality content!

There is no better place to witness our dedication to quality than with our CEO and founder Iwona, whose hard work, passion, and expertise ensure the success of ILC and the rest of the PAB group.

Iwona's achievements have recently been recognised in the Nottinghamshire Business Awards where she has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award'. This award celebrates entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellent leadership, business development, and professional growth while setting up a successful business. Reaching the finalist selection stage within this award is an incredible achievement and testament to Iwona's success with ILC and across PAB Group.

The combination of Iwona's leadership and the expert guidance of our team enables us to consistently deliver results for our clients in transcreation, multilingual marketing material and content creation. Our multilingual specialists guarantee your business achieves exciting, accurate and localised content that resonates with international audiences.

Our services accommodate your multilingual marketing needs by providing a range of excellent services such as localised social media, tailored internal communications, website copy, local blog writing, multilingual copywriting, press releases, brochure and flyer content, technical business writing.

If you’ve got a project and you need some support, work with the best, get in touch via

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