21st February, 2022

As Women's History Month approaches, let's take a look at some amazing female trailblazers from around the world, who have broken the mould to achieve outstanding results.

What is Women’s History Month?

Women have always played a key role in our society, but often they are undervalued and overlooked. Women’s History Month is an opportunity to celebrate women’s contribution to history, culture, and society. This year’s celebration takes place from the 1st of March – 31st.

Each year, there is a theme to commemorate Women’s History Month. The theme this year is “Women providing Healing, promoting Hope.” This theme explores the countless ways women have provided healing and hope for humanity. From suffragettes empowering the hope for equality, to the 90% of female NHS nurses who tirelessly tried to heal a nation during the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout history, women stand strong worldwide.

You would likely have heard of the pioneering mathematician Ada Lovelace and the renowned British author Jane Austin, but here are some female innovators from around the world that you may not have heard of...

Émilie du Châtelet – Philosopher, author, and amazing mathematician/physicist, Émilie convinced sceptical Europeans that Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity was correct, by publishing translations of and commentaries on Newton's Physics.

Sacagawea – 16-year-old Sacagawea acted as an interpreter, guide, forager for food and relationship builder between Native Americans, during Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s Corps Discovery Expedition.

Hedy Lamarr – Hedy was a gifted mathematician and engineer, who pioneered the technology that would one day be the foundation of today's Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Marie Curie – Was a Polish scientist who made ground-breaking discoveries about radioactivity. Marie announced the discovery of two new chemical elements, polonium, and radium.

Sarah Breedlove – Was the first female self-made millionaire in the United States, after inventing a special line of haircare products for black women who struggled with hair-loss and scalp issues, due to poor plumbing and harsh chemicals in other hair products.

Marie Van Brittan Brown – After the crime rate in Marie’s neighbourhood increased, she started to be concerned about her safety when home alone. She went on to invent the first closed-circuit television security (CCTV) system, so she could see who was at the door without opening it.

Martha Coston – An American inventor and businesswoman who invented the Coston flare, a device for signalling at sea.

Yvonne Brill – Was a Canadian American rocket and jet propulsion engineer. Yvonne was responsible for inventing the fuel-efficient rocket thruster that keeps satellites in orbit today.

Mária Telkes – A Hungarian American biophysicist, scientist, and inventor, best known for her invention of the solar distiller and the first solar-powered heating system designed for homes.

Mary Anderson – Can you imagine driving your car in torrential rain without any windshield wipers? Thanks to this woman, we no longer have to! Mary Anderson was the first person to invent windshield wipers.

Ruth Wakefield – Taking an ice pick to a block of chocolate and adding it to her cookie dough… the chocolate chip cookie was invented! 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are consumed every year in the United States alone.

To all the women of ilc and PAB

In anticipation of Women’s History Month, we would like to say a huge congratulations to all the remarkable women at ilc and PAB, for their continual efforts, achievements, and ambitions. Well done ladies!!

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