18th August 2021

We are sending a special THANK YOU to show appreciation for our two colleagues who have gone above and beyond to shape our company and are marking ten years with the PAB family this summer.

Two key members of our team are celebrating a professional milestone – their 10th Anniversary. Chief Finance Officer Monika Przybyszewska and BusinessDevelopment Manager Lelde Plesa have both been members of our team for over 10 years.

Monika is responsible for our global financial operations, strategic planning, and presentation of reports to support the current and future growth of PAB Group.

While Lelde is responsible for elevating the PAB Languages brand and identifying how the company can add value and benefit society.

IwonaLebiedowicz said:

“Having employees’ dedicated to the company for ten years and more is just wonderful. A huge success like this is the result of shared principles, effective communication, trust, respect, and genuine teamwork. I would like to thank Lelde and Monika who have both helped to make PAB Group what it is today.”

In charge of day-to-day tasks in the financial department, Monika oversees every aspect of PAB’s financial life. This involves developing budgets, monitoring transactions, and preparing financial reports.

Monika holds a master’s degree in International Trade from the University Paris XII inFrance and a postgraduate diploma in Translation from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow in Poland. She speaks fluent French, Polish and English. Monika enjoys spending family weekends with her husband and three children with regular outdoor activity adventures.

Monika said: “I can’t believe it’s already been ten years since I joined PAB. I am proud and honoured to be part of this great team! It has been an amazing journey. I hope for many more successful years!”

Lelde helps grow the business by establishing relationships, building trust, and promoting PAB’s services to the right people across the local and national business community.

She holds the PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management, a Diploma in Team Leading, an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading, and the Certificate in Principles of Customer Service.

Lelde is also PAB’s Baltic states cultural expert, speaks Latvian and Russian and is the driving force behind the company’s Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity campaign, organising a series of events across the UK to raise awareness, encourage discussion, deepen understanding and build communities. She speaks fluent Latvian, Polish and English. Lelde lives in Lincolnshire with her husband, two children, two cats, one dog and more than 50 fish.

She said: “They say: ‘Time flies when you are having fun.’ Of course, not all is fun - hard work and dedication come first. These past ten years have given me some of my best memories and experiences. I am glad to be a part of PAB’s group.

“Thank you for all the help, support, mentoring and opportunities to develop myself over the past ten years.”

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