Our core values are People, Relationship, Quality, Integrity, Efficiency, and Customer Focus. In bringing these values to life, nothing demonstrates our approach better than our charitable work.

We are involved with several charitable activities.

Our business is all about people, love, integrity and building bridges, and we are doing so by ensuring the international digital content we create says exactly what our clients want it to say, regardless of language or location.

As passionate believers in building bridges between people, we have developed a range of helpful services and made these available free to local councils, police stations, children’s centres and shops, supporting communication and cultural awareness:

  • FREE translation cards
  • FREE international holiday and celebration cards
  • We offer special discounted rates for public sector and charity projects, FREE advice, cross-cultural training and fundraising activities
  • Quarterly CEO appeals
  • Fundraising activities for all our staff to get involved in!

Supporting trade associations

Contributing to the welfare of the wider community, our CEO Iwona, currently serves as a non-executive Director of the East Midlands International Trade Association (EMITA). Established in 2005 by a group of East Midlands business export professionals, EMITA is here to help businesses grow via export and international trade.

Iwona also serves as a Director/Trustee of Centre-point Outreach which Supports Homeless, Lonely and Vulnerable People in the Community. Centre-point is a local Christian charitable organisation working with and for homeless and vulnerable people, with social and economic needs, who come from all walks of life.

Building stronger communities

We are always looking for new ways to expand our services, specifically the delivery of free events focusing on cultural awareness. We continue to listen to our clients, employees, partners, charities that we support, as well as the wider community so that we can tailor our support accordingly. By developing these relationships, we are confident that we will maintain our high level of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility to ensure stronger communities, regardless of language or location.

Promoting language and cultural awareness

Anything we do is because we truly, genuinely believe in it.ILC Communication adds the language and cultural layer ensuring the best services are offered for the unique digital communication needs across the globe. We love promoting the benefits of learning foreign languages amongst communities and especially as a powerful tool that allow us to communicate, build trust, and long lasting relationships with international audiences.

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