All the stats tell you Amazon is THE marketplace for your product – the opportunity is there and your existing UK market LOVES your product. But what if you want to take your online sales beyond the UK?

If you’re already using Amazon marketplace, you’ll know that getting your product descriptions right can be onerous. You need to optimise your copy for SEO, make sure you’re working to Amazon’s word count requirements, source the right imagery AND keep on top of the competition.  

But doing all that for a new audience that speaks another language can be overwhelming. And dropping your English product descriptions into Google Translate and hoping for the best just won’t cut it.

How can you be sure it’s accurate? What if the translation is correct but the tone is entirely wrong? What if your product instructions are so wildly incorrect that you’ve accidentally sold something entirely different to what your customer thinks they’re buying? Good images can only take you so far – and even those need to take account of cultural sensitivities that exist when you’re communicating across borders.

Localisation services for Amazon products

Expert localisation can help you place the right product on Amazon, in front of the right audience. Our native-speaking product copywriters have years of experience writing persuasive Amazon product descriptions for online vendors across a wide range of sectors including health, fitness, beauty, fashion, wellness, garden, furniture, homeware and accessories.

They’ll ensure your copy is fully optimised for both Amazon’s and other search engines to help boost your rankings and will also research your target audience to understand their pain points and how your products address them.

Our team come from all over the world, and their experience means they understand the nuances of language and culture and will ensure your long and short descriptions and even imagery feel natural to native speakers.

Fast and efficient

We want to help your customers make the most informed purchasing decisions so that they’ll return to your Amazon store time and again. And our speedy turnaround time will ensure you can get your products online quickly and easily.

Our professional Amazon listings copywriting service can boost your Amazon sales overseas, so you can focus on your products and customers. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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