1st December 2021

The holiday season is upon us, and I’m sure, like us, you’ve got lots of campaigns planned for your clients.  So, to speed things up, here are some FREE, ready to use Christmas translations for your campaigns.

Say Merry Christmas in 10 languages

Bulgarian: Весела Коледа! (Vesela Koleda)

Dutch: Prettig Kerstfeest

French:  Joyeux Noël!

German: Frohe Weihnachten

Norwegian: God jul

Portuguese: Feliz Natal

Swahili: Heri ya Krismasi, Krismasi njema

Turkish: Mutlu Noeller

Romanian, Moldavian: Sărbători Fericite!

Lithuanian: Linksmų Kalėdų!  

Say Happy New Year in 10 languages

Bulgarian: Щастлива Нова Година! (Shtastliva Nova Godina!

Dutch: Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

French: Bonne Année

German: Frohes Neues Jahr

Norwegian: Godt nytt år

Portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo

Swahili: Heri ya mwaka mpya

Turkish: Mutlu yillar Czech

Romanian, Moldavian: An Nou Fericit

Lithuanian: laimingų Naujųjų metų

From all of us at ilc we would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!

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