Our dedicated multilingual copywriting service has been launched to ensure that businesses avoid mixed messaging when it comes to international digital content.

The business can call on a team of more than 300 bilingual copywriters, writing in 32 different languages, to ensure that digital content says exactly what it is supposed to say, regardless of language or location.

In a series of webinars delivered, for invited guests to showcase the new service, ILC Communication highlighted famous examples of well-known brands getting it wrong when literal translations of their marketing materials gave inappropriate or completely different meanings in another language. The webinars highlighted the importance of creating crystal clear messages that resonate with a target audience and explained why and when you need transcreation and international copywriting services.

Sara Davison has been appointed a new Relationship Manager of ILC Communication, based in Nottingham.

“My role at ILC is creating and building lasting relationships and partnerships with companies to help them achieve the best results for their clients,” explained Sara. “In all my previous roles, customer care has been the highest priority, and this is an area where I like to excel. I am very passionate about my work and want to strive to be the best and create relationships with businesses that are built on trust, honesty, integrity and transparency.”

Explaining the ethos of ILC Communication, Sara added: “Working with a dedicated team of professional bilingual copywriters helps protect the consistency of communication for the brands you represent. Our experts go beyond translation to deliver exciting and relevant content that resonates with international audiences.”

ILC Communication is supporting the digital marketing, PR and advertising agency sectors, in particular, with multilingual copywriting and the launch comes ahead of the new post-Brexit landscape, with its opportunities and challenges for doing business abroad. Working with a one-call solution, the international copywriting agency reduces the time, cost, and effort of creating quality content for multiple markets.

Sara Davison, who has a background in sales and relationship management, added: “Working mostly remotely, ILC is available to deliver transcreation services nationwide. Using existing content, we have the expertise and local knowledge to transform it into compelling multilingual content that resonates with a target audience.”  

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