The success of any organisation’s communication is generally in the hands of people – your audiences, colleagues and clients.

But in the absence of cross-cultural awareness, breakdowns in communication are almost guaranteed. So how can you make sure your agency is doing everything it can to support clients to bridge the cultural divides? Or even win clients in new territories.

Whether your agency is developing a client’s global marketing materials, launching a social media campaign in a new country or developing their internal communications for a multilingual workforce, not being able to understand the cultural differences in these audiences will always cause you to stumble.

The cost of misunderstanding cultural nuance in your campaigns

There are myriad tales of brands and agencies getting their comms and marketing wrong, whether it’s Pepsi’s promise to ‘bring ancestors back from the dead’, Coors offering diarrhoea to their drinkers or simply assuming that everyone in a workforce has access to the same technology, understanding what works in different regions is a challenge we all face.

As part of our programme of cross-cultural support for marketing and digital agencies across the UK, we run a series of tailored cultural awareness workshops to ensure your team can develop the right campaigns and communications for your clients, no matter where their audience is.

Cross-cultural awareness workshops for digital agencies

Our workshops offer great value, practice-based advice and guidance on the skills and understanding needed to make sure your marketing campaigns work across borders and offer specific sessions for agencies and consultancies working with international businesses. All our sessions can be delivered either face to face or online, and can be tailored to your specific sector or audience.

Whether you need creative solutions to help your agency win new clients, deliver innovative multilingual campaigns or just better understand the global impact of your messaging, ilc communication can help.  For more information contact

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