11th May 2021

Copy persuades. It inspires action. That's why it's such a powerful tool to promote and sell

Simple translations are not enough if you want to be successful in promoting and selling abroad.

When it comes to crafting compelling messages, it is no secret that copywriters need to use persuasive words and phrases. This is only possible when advertising and communication materials are written directly in the target language, in line with the cultural background and mindset of the target audience.

It is not enough that the copy is easy to read, our native copywriters ask; Is the copy effective and engaging?



Marketing your service or product to an international audience creates additional challenges, as it will likely require a different approach to what has worked in the native country.

The copywriters in our foreign offices can create highly effective advertising material for you, by taking advantage of the techniques created as a result of the development of the new web and social media channels.

If the purpose of your message is to sell, when our native copywriters are looking over a sales copy, they do not just ask if the message sounds good. They also ask what the message inspires the reader to do.



When you are speaking with a prospective consumer, one of the first things you should do is determine who you are speaking with. This is because buyers in new markets have their own unique culture and identity and often require sales messages tailored specifically to them.

  • 55% of global consumers said they only buy products from websites that provide them with information in their native language.
  • 56% of the consumers said the ability to obtain information in their native language is even more important than price.


One of the most serious dangers in communication is the illusion of having achieved it when in fact there has been no communication at all - only a one-way message.

Rather than writing copy in one language and having it translated into another, our copywriting service is focused on the creation of unique content created specifically for your target audience.


To engage effectively with your customers in the various markets, you need content created with the target audience in mind. That means meeting customers where they are, not where you would want them to be. Every engagement should be personalised and delivered through the right channels at the right time.


Looking for an efficient, transparent, and results-driven multilingual copywriting agency? If the answer is yes, ilc communications is your partner. Learn how ILC can help grow your business today.

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