At the core of our business is our people. We strongly believe that our success has been based on shared company values.

From the very beginning, our culture has been to go that one step further when connecting with our employees, clients, business partners, job applicants, in fact everyone in our community.

With Employee Wellbeing our CSR focus, we are always looking to make our employees’ lives better, and so have a number of initiatives that recognise there is more to life than work, all of which are reviewed annually at Board level.

Employee Wellbeing

· Employees are engaged and mentored to identify development opportunities and are provided
with regular training and development opportunities in the course of their work

· We are a Living Wage Employer

· We have created our 12 months’ in-house internal training program

· We celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries

· We are very flexible when it comes to days off and working patterns.

· Profit share bonus for eligible long-standing employees

· Additional Paid Holiday on employees’ birthdays

· Additional paid holiday for length of service for eligible long-standing employees

· Regular ‘Our People Our Future’ reception events

Personal development

We also encourage our linguists to maintain and develop their expertise by engaging in continuing professional development. There are regular appraisals and mentoring sessions and regular satisfaction surveys. We hold quarterly meetings with relevant language legislation updates as well as Fun Days and Team Development Days during the year. To further enhance expertise, we even host Brexit talks and economy update events.

Ethical trade

At PAB we strongly believe in ethical trade and integrity. As a result, many initiatives come naturally from the Board of Directors as well as employees who desire to deliver meaningful projects. We believe that satisfied employees will be more motivated to perform effectively and deliver excellent service to our customers, and satisfied customers will be more willing to make repeat orders and recommend PAB Languages to others.

Embracing diversity

Our employees come from a range of cultures, with a mixture of backgrounds guaranteeing specialist expertise and a global outlook. As one strong team, we can remain flexible and adaptable in the ever-changing business environment.

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