Bridging cultural gaps is an issue we’re passionate about here at ilc.

We believe great things happen with true collaboration between companies, institutions and people from different countries and cultures.

For this reason, we launched the Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity campaign in March 2019. Championing good understanding of cross-cultural challenges and promoting a more inclusive culture within the UK, it’s an initiative aiming to:

Enable thriving relationships between companies, institutions and people from different countries and cultures.

Create amore welcoming and supportive democratic society by championing cross-cultural awareness and promoting inclusivity.

Foster good relations by working with partners to raise cross-cultural expectations - and a thorough understanding of these builds a strong sense of community belonging within neighbourhoods.

Encourage everyone to enhance communication skills with speakers from other cultures.

Broaden knowledge about the importance of cultural awareness in society.

Being passionate believers in the potential that can be unleashed when successfully bridging cultural gaps, we have been cooperating with clients locally, nationally, and internationally, helping them to communicate and succeed on an international level both at home and when doing business overseas.

In the Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity campaign, we believe that we have an extraordinary opportunity to engage and prosper in a truly diverse society. We hope you share our view.

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