When you need your marketing content to be read across a variety of regions and to accurately reflect your marketing messages, you need international copyrighting services.

International copywriting is the best option when you need to adapt the content to the local and cultural context. This might include advertisements and billboards – both physical and digital – headlines and body copy, slogans, and strap-lines. Indeed, international copywriting is ideal for any type of content you want to emotionally engage your global audience with.

Being a copywriter means more than writing well.

The copywriter needs to build up a picture of their target reader.

Copywriting projects begin with research because you cannot help your clients if you do not understand their:

•  Intentions – what does the client want to achieve?

•  Audiences – who will be reading the copy?

•  Products or Services – what unique value do they bring to the market?

•  Desired outcome – what does success mean?

The solution is to use an international copyrighting services agency that understands the value of maintaining consistency for your communications and brands, using the right words and phrases whatever the language. As a reputable copywriting agency, ILC Communication relies on the professionalism, integrity, and excellence of our international copywriters.

If you want to emotionally engage your global audience, it is not only about using the right words but also about adopting the right tone of voice. As a result, you maintain the power of your marketing messages, reinforce the brand with a consistent tone of voice, and build an authentic, long-lasting connection with customers.