Launched by Iwona Lebiedowicz in March 2019, the Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity campaign champions understanding of cross-cultural diversity and promotes a more inclusive culture within the UK.

As such, we decided to take a gentle approach to the campaign and launched it as part of our 10 years in business anniversary.

1. We organised a series of FREE events across the UK to raise awareness, encourage discussions, deepen understanding and community-building.

In total, these events were attended by over 300 delegates including local politicians, business owners, community leaders, influencers, public authority representatives, social services staff, charities, educational institutions, local chambers of commerce and everyone living, working in, or visiting the UK.

In Colchester, London, Peterborough, Boston, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Leeds our half-day free seminar included presentations from diverse groups, case studies, discussions panels and a taster of cross-cultural hospitality as well as a call to collaboration. We provided an open and inclusive opportunity to participate in cultural seminars across the UK to expand the knowledge and understanding of diversity.

2. Simultaneously, we started social media coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with the keywords: #PABSeminar#Diversity #PABLanguages and #CelebratingDiversity.

According to analytics, we reached over 10,000 total social media engagements (likes, shares, clicks and comments).

We knew that the success of inclusivity and diversity campaigns is reliant on diverse channels and everyone involved being on board, both engaging with the campaign’s aim and getting involved in our events.

Everyone from our organisation supported and championed these initiatives, which helped to encourage many institutions, associations, businesses, and community leaders to get proactively involved every month.

The result is that everybody involved will know how to make others feel equally respected and valued – and that is something surely worth striving for!

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