Sometimes, the world has to hear your message.

To make sure it has the impact you want, there will be many situations when it is necessary to translate it, as well as many different ways to communicate it to your global audience.

So what are your choices?

Standard technical translation

can be applied to technical, factual, non-emotional documents. These are often related to the engineering, financial, and medical fields, and might include machine manuals, system descriptions and specifications, labelling of hazardous substances, safety instructions, staff handbooks, annual reports, patient medical history, etc.

Certified translation

will be often required for official purposes. This might relate to legal documents and information such as birth, death and marriage certificates, legal contracts, academic transcripts, etc.

Both standard and certified translation is usually a rigid, word-for-word, literal translation. Fine if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for translation that is a little more nuanced, protecting the original meaning across languages and cultures, neither standard or certified translation will do.

The fact is, when you need your marketing content to be used across a variety of regions and to accurately reflect your marketing messages, you need transcreation or international copywriting services.

Transcreation – or international copywriting – is the best option when you need to adapt the content to the local and cultural context. This might include advertisements and billboards – both physical and digital – headlines and body copy, slogans and straplines. Indeed, any type of content which you want to connect emotionally with your global audience.

·  A consistent tone of brand voice

Working with a dedicated team of professional bilingual copywriters helps protect the consistency of communication for the brands you represent. As a result, you maintain the power of your marketing messages, reinforce the brand platform, and build an authentic, long-lasting connection with customers.

·  Local culture and language

International copywriters interpret and transcreate your digital content in the localised mother tongue, reflecting cultural trends and preferences. This ensures your branding and marketing messages remain consistent across diverse countries, languages, and cultures.

The ilc team understands cultural reference and the value of maintaining consistency for your communications and the brands you represent. Our creative linguists will use the right words and the right tone to effectively communicate your content to your foreign audience. That is where we go beyond translation to deliver an exciting and relevant message that resonates with your international audiences, compelling them to take actions you want them to take. Working with a one-call solution, our international copyrighting agency reduces the time, cost, and effort of creating quality content for multiple markets.

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