16th August 2022

Why are multilingual social media campaigns so important? Social media has increased over the last few years with approximately 3.96 billion users worldwide. With this in mind, there is an elevated level of competition between different social media brands to become the public’s most popular platform.  

There’s always a platform that is accurately designed to suit your business or individual needs as the purpose of different social media platforms can vary widely. Always remember that social media is not just restricted to personal use, it is a necessary element in a business’ marketing and is used by 86% of business owners. 

Social media provides important connections between companies and their customers. It is also a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate a brand's customer care, personality, and product/service offering.  

In hope of getting higher views and followers on their accounts, the most successful businesses look for trends and absorb them into their social media strategy.  

But before rushing into investing in multilingual social media marketing, there maybe a couple of things you need to consider. These include:  

•How does your company currently respond to comments or complaints on Twitter or LinkedIn?  

•Would your marketing team be able to offer timely responses to your potential customers and be able to actively manage these accounts?  

You need to remember that multilingual social media campaigns are a big investment. So, make sure you only target audiences in certain countries where you would like to build your presence or already have a known customer base.  

It is important to also know how different social media is used around the world and which platforms are more popular in different areas. For example, the top social media platform in Japan is Twitter, whereas, in America, the top social media platform is Facebook.  

So, as you can see, multilingual social media campaigns are important for trying to expand your business and making sure that the word gets out about your company all over the world for new potential customers.  

Here at ilc Communications, we can support your clients in creating multilingual social media campaigns by making sure that your work is effectively translated and localised for any language across the world.  

Get in touch now and our experts will help you deliver a successful multilingual campaign! 

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