There are plenty of ways to translate copy.

But when you need your copy to accurately reflect your marketing campaign, the reality is that inaccurate text, machine translation or even plain human translation can fall short. Worse still, too often it's inconsistent, causes confusion and ultimately reduces your conversion rates.

The solution is to use an international copywriting services agency that understands the value of the maintaining consistency for your communications and brands, using the right words whatever the language.

Consistent tone of brand voice

Working with a dedicated team of professional bilingual copywriters helps protect the consistency of communication for the brands you represent. As a result, you maintain the power of your marketing messages, reinforce the brand platform and build an authentic, long-lasting connection with customers.

Local culture and language

International copywriters interpret and transcreate your digital content in the localised mother tongue, reflecting cultural trends and preferences. This ensures your branding and marketing messages remain consistent across diverse countries, languages and cultures.

Seamless Delivery

In line with your specific requirements, dedicated project management teams work with you to create a roadmap for content creation and implementation, ensuring the results you are looking for – on time, on budget, and without hassle. Delivery is driven by dedicated specialists, with a Project Manager who is responsible for monitoring the job and deadlines, working in harmony with you to provide smooth content delivery and effective client experience.

As a reputable agency ILC Communication relies on the professionalism, integrity, and excellence of our international copywriters. We have the privilege to work with the incredibly open-minded expertise of international clients such as Samsung, Haron Marketing, EE Services, Go Global Marketing, Josh Baron Creative and Procore, just to name a few.

So if you’re looking for campaign consistency, in line with the brands you represent, we believe it is essential to use an international copywriting services agency.

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